Week 1, Story 58 by @piratemoggy and @JimTheSG

This story is about jobs. It is also about the ever increasing likelihood that they will be taken over by computers and/or robots. It is a dark echo of a potential future. It also includes on of my favourite sentences to grace SFSwap thus far: Describing human endeavour as “the sheer fucking persistence of a species of hairless fucking disasters.” That sentence is a real keeper.

Week 1, Story 56 by @danbeames and @baboonicorn

This is a fairly short story, that is told as a back and forth. But for all its brevity, it doesn’t half hit hard. After I finished reading it I sat quietly mouthing “Daaaaaaaamn” to myself. Dark, sinister and mysterious themes: these are a few of my favourite things.

Week 1, Story 55 by @AdlaiM and @oxygenthiefyeah

This is a dark one. Dark to the point of deliciousness. Like that fancy organic, fair-trade chocolate that comes in those boutique cardboard packets. A little bit of mad-science and lashings of CONSEQUENCES make for a good read.

Week 1, Story 42 – by Anonymous and Anonymous

A doubly anonymous story! It’s a shame because I really like this one. It takes what is, on the face of it, a reasonably light-hearted prompt and turns it into something much darker; a disturbing Them and Us tale with a nod to American Psycho. STORY NUMBER: 42...

Week 1, Story 32 – @wightandwrong & @ka_bradley

Oof. This one is HORRIBLE. There’s no blood and no violence, but the concept alone (thank you @ka_bradley) was enough to make me uneasy. @Wightandwrong certainly didn’t shy away from its implications either: this story, presented entirely as dialogue, has...