Week 1, Story 61 by @dmv501 and @gmehn

Rounding off the main phase of the “first week” of SFSwap @dmv501 brings us a gritty tale of futuristic gang warfare. Even though it’s only a short story there’s some top notch world building to be had here.

Week 1, Story 58 by @piratemoggy and @JimTheSG

This story is about jobs. It is also about the ever increasing likelihood that they will be taken over by computers and/or robots. It is a dark echo of a potential future. It also includes on of my favourite sentences to grace SFSwap thus far: Describing human endeavour as “the sheer fucking persistence of a species of hairless fucking disasters.” That sentence is a real keeper.

Week 1, Story 57 by @hobofood and @piratemoggy

Wow. I mean, just… wow. I’m finding it a bit hard to process how much I love this story. It’s an amazing spin on the classic “Grrr, grimdark communist dystopia.” We so often equate art with freedom and purity and a way to fight against oppression. But here? It’s become a tool of that very same oppression. A means by which the state keep people down and a populace in line. @hobofood could have written something happy, upbeat and utopian. But it appears that their response to that particular thought was “Ahahahahahahaha! NOPE!”

Week 1, Story 43 – by @SMDeeee and @upsteeplebat

I have no idea how to introduce this one without giving crucial details of the plot away, so I shall just say that I read the prompt with glee and then the story with more glee (gleer?). This is ace. STORY NUMBER: 43 PROMPT PROVIDER: @upsteeplebat AUTHOR: @SMDeeee...

Week 1, Story 42 – by Anonymous and Anonymous

A doubly anonymous story! It’s a shame because I really like this one. It takes what is, on the face of it, a reasonably light-hearted prompt and turns it into something much darker; a disturbing Them and Us tale with a nod to American Psycho. STORY NUMBER: 42...

Week 1, Story 29 – @Wobbington & @jamesk

We’ve had some dark comedies so far in #SFSwap, and this one is properly pitch-black. The prompt from @jamesk was powerful in itself, and @wobbington made it all the more so for tackling it directly. There’s no last-minute twist here – the reality of...