Week 1, Story 55 by @AdlaiM and @oxygenthiefyeah

This is a dark one. Dark to the point of deliciousness. Like that fancy organic, fair-trade chocolate that comes in those boutique cardboard packets. A little bit of mad-science and lashings of CONSEQUENCES make for a good read.

Week 1, Story 52 by @danielmbase and @alexwattsesq

@danielmbase has written a great story with a cyberpunk flair. It would have been so very easy for this to be a run-of-the-mill affair, but @danielmbase’s interpretation of the prompt is as innovative as it is gritty. It unfolds really well, and finishes strong with an ending which makes you ask yourself what might happen next?

Week 1, Story 48 by @tom_mendelsohn and @ewasr

This story features one of my favourite tropes: dilapidated tech that is somehow still working on autopilot. @tom_mendelsohn’s description of an automated defence-grid falling apart at the seams is both charming and endearing. I just want to hug those poor...

Week 1, Story 47 by Anonymous and Anonymous

This is a story of unknown and mysterious provenance, both author and prompter choosing to remain swaddled in the cloak of anonymity. Number 47 focuses on “grey goo.” I know we’ve taken to obfuscating the content of the prompts for the stories, but...

Week 1, Story 42 – by Anonymous and Anonymous

A doubly anonymous story! It’s a shame because I really like this one. It takes what is, on the face of it, a reasonably light-hearted prompt and turns it into something much darker; a disturbing Them and Us tale with a nod to American Psycho. STORY NUMBER: 42...