Week 1, Story 57 by @hobofood and @piratemoggy

Wow. I mean, just… wow. I’m finding it a bit hard to process how much I love this story. It’s an amazing spin on the classic “Grrr, grimdark communist dystopia.” We so often equate art with freedom and purity and a way to fight against oppression. But here? It’s become a tool of that very same oppression. A means by which the state keep people down and a populace in line. @hobofood could have written something happy, upbeat and utopian. But it appears that their response to that particular thought was “Ahahahahahahaha! NOPE!”

Greetings from RULES STALIN

Ha! Ha! I am in control of a website! Of course, there are very few vegetables in this patch at present, but let us see what sprouts from the black loam as the day progresses. For 64 seeds were sown, and soon they will bear fruit… congratulations to all those...