Week 1, Story 55 by @AdlaiM and @oxygenthiefyeah

This is a dark one. Dark to the point of deliciousness. Like that fancy organic, fair-trade chocolate that comes in those boutique cardboard packets. A little bit of mad-science and lashings of CONSEQUENCES make for a good read.

Week 1, Story 54 by @dorkomatic and Anonymous

This is not a story that should be taken seriously. Not at all. It’s a mash-up of two quite different things. I would tell you, but I feel that would rather spoil things. Needless to say, it should be readily apparent by the time you reach the end. @dorkomatic has a clear talent for levity and puts it to good use.

Week 1, Story 53 by @gileadamit and @thiefree

Of all the stories I’ve uploaded this is one of my favourites. Delightfully tongue-in-cheek, funny and rife with wordplay, @gileadamit makes a great job of @thiefree’s cracking prompt. I don’t like drawing comparisons to other authors, but this really has a Pratchett-esque air to it, with a tangy Douglas Adams after-taste.

Week 1, Story 52 by @danielmbase and @alexwattsesq

@danielmbase has written a great story with a cyberpunk flair. It would have been so very easy for this to be a run-of-the-mill affair, but @danielmbase’s interpretation of the prompt is as innovative as it is gritty. It unfolds really well, and finishes strong with an ending which makes you ask yourself what might happen next?

Week 1, Story 51 by @dangusset and @jonesthescribe

Due to ripple in the fabric of space-time we have had a case of convergent realities. Subsequently, this story by @dangusset shares the same prompt as Story 39. A nice take on the prompt, which stands on its own merits. It’s short, punchy and really quite fun.

Week 1, Story 50 by @froggensays and @Ch0l0k

Story number 50 is a great one. It’s another story which is told just through conversation. @froggensays puts the tiniest of spins on the prompt which sets it careening off in an entirely different direction. STORY NUMBER: 50 PROMPT PROVIDER: @Ch0l0k AUTHOR:...