Oof. This one is HORRIBLE. There’s no blood and no violence, but the concept alone (thank you @ka_bradley) was enough to make me uneasy. @Wightandwrong certainly didn’t shy away from its implications either: this story, presented entirely as dialogue, has a conceptual reach WAY wider than 1,000 words. Nice one.


PROMPT PROVIDER: @ka_bradley

AUTHOR: @wightandwrong


“So… it just knocks on the door, and comes in and what? You chat or fuck or something?”

“Whatever you want. Just you can tell no one”.

“Well why aren’t you guys… I dunno cloning fucking cows or something instead? I mean, there are kids dying of hunger somewhere. Why set this up so some rich arseholes and their lucky friends can meet themselves and do freaky shit.”

“Listen, do you want to do it or not? Most people I talk to want it started yesterday. I ain’t got time to debate the finer points of economic reality with someone I’ve never -or will never- meet. And anyway, who’s saying we ain’t?”

“Ok, ok. Of course I wan’t to, it’s just a fucking lot to take in is all. Why the time limit?”

“It’s something to do with elasticity of the materials used. It hops out the van then you get as long as you get. You ain’t even paying for it are you? Your brother is the one who set this all up. I really liked his last album. A return to form.”

“Yeah yeah, everyone says that. So I’ll see you…”

“You know when. Be ready”

—  —  —

“Well… um… come in.”

“This is fucking weird. It’s my house yet I don’t have my keys or wallet or anything.”

“MY house. I have MY wallet and keys right here. This is fucking weird. So you have all my memories and stuff?”

“Yeah I suppose. Right up until I… you jumped in the chamber in the van.  I was planning on making a coffee while the device spooled up, did you have it?”

“No, I’m too queasy from the procedure. Come, lets sit by the screen.”


“What? Wait, this is your chair too. Isn’t it? Here you have it.”

“No, no it’s fine. You’re the Real Chris.”

“I suppose I am. I mean, what does that even fucking mean anymore. For all intents and purposes your just as real as me.”


“Except my life doesn’t end in 43 minutes. Listen, I know that must be a headfuck…”

“No it’s fine. I know how fucking strange and amazing this is to you. It’s the exact same to me. And it’s 36 minutes now. I started at 11 past.”

“Shit this is all going too fast. It’s like the weirdest dream ever.”

“I already know the answer to this question but you’ve no interest in doing what Andrew did with his clone do you right?”

“Haha you’re right, no fucking way the sick bastard. You know what he’s like…”

“Haha he always did love himself more than any one of his fans.”


“I remember coming up with loads of questions I wanted to try and answer but I now that we’re here it seems a bit… pointless.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, even though there’s two of us now, we’re still just us. We ain’t got time to figure out if I have a soul or not.”

“Well do you feel–”

“I feel the same as I always have. Except now I have a knot in my stomach. Like I’ve got a terminal disease and there’s no cure.”

“Aw man don’t say that. Maybe this was a bad idea..”

“HA! Don’t get cold feet now. WE wanted this. You could meet yourself and discover the mysteries of the universe. Well, discover away. We… I have 28 minutes.”


“No you listen. I don’t want your sympathy and I don’t want your fucking sad eyes. It was luck. I could have been the one that carried on and you could have awoken in this new body and be sitting here now. But it’s not that, you get to live on, and probably marry Abby, and listen to Bob Dylan, and I get to turn into a pile of fucking mush.”

“Maybe that’s true, maybe there is no soul, no difference between us really. Except my flesh is real, and will carry on for some time yet and yours.. well won’t. But if you are me then you deserve just as much blame for this as me.”

“I know. I’m just, scared, I suppose. Fuck this is depressing. Why did you want this?”

“I dunno, vanity I suppose. But you know that surely?  We wanted to see what we looked like to other people.”

“Ha! For that I’m gonna die.”

“Now that you say it its stupid isn’t it?”

“I wonder if I do count as having a soul. I wonder if you even had one in the first place to be copied.”



“What Dylan so-“

“Blowing In The Wind”

“I would have thought I’d say–”

“I haven’t got time for Hurricane”

—   —   —

“So how did it go?”

“It was fucking terrible. I’m a morose bastard”

“Haha, I was surprised you said yes to be honest. Me and my guy finished by smoking a J.”

“‘My guy’ collapsed with tears in his eyes. Look, Andrew, thanks though.”

“No probs Bro. Next they’re upgrading the device so you can find out what you’d have looked like as the other gender”

“For fuck sake. You enjoy that – I’m staying well the fuck away.”

PROMPTSomeone has invented a machine that gives you 43 mins w what appears to be an exact clone of yrself