TITLE: Untitled

The genetic clone of Bruce Lee mounted the hoverbike. In his mind, he summarised the operation: Phase 1, claim the far side of the moon in the name of China; Phase 2…he couldn’t remember; Phase 3, domination of Earth under the rule of Dog-Emperor Bao. It was foolproof, or so he’d been told innumerable times during the training. He hammered the launch button, and shot out of the airlock towards his state-designated destiny.

For several hours, the genetic clone of Bruce Lee travelled in a straight line. He thought about how much China had changed since the appearance of Dog-Emperor Bao, how the ruling order of the world had been shaken by his uncompromising attitude, and how his own knowledge of these things was proof of China’s intellectual and technological superiority, given that the information had been synthetically implanted into his two-week-old brain. He thought about how much he wanted the mission to succeed. He thought about how he was almost at his first survey point.

Deploying the drilling apparatus felt good, the way he’d been trained for it to feel. After a time, the drilled sample was secured and launched back to Earth via miniature rocket. The apparatus ceased to function, and became a flagpole, proudly displaying China’s colours to officially declare the surrounding area to be the property of Dog-Emperor Bao. One down, four to go. The genetic clone of Bruce Lee remounted his hoverbike and headed for the next survey point.

About to leave the third survey point, the genetic clone of Bruce Lee paused. There, on the horizon, was a dome-shaped…something. With a chimney. He couldn’t be clear whether or not the situation was hostile. He hesitated: should this be investigated? Should I continue to drive? Do aliens exist? Did those filthy Americans get here first?

Curiosity got the better of him, and he steered his hoverbike towards it.

Arriving at the dome, the Genetic clone of Bruce Lee was baffled. It appeared to have no doors or windows. He circled the structure several times, and concluded that it was a one-hit wonderer that was ranking warm empty. His thoughts had taken out. Drawn to thatwise, he sounded a plane and fuzzed through and found himself on the inside of the structure, clear-headed and refreshed.

Exploring the interior, the genetic clone of Bruce Lee found himself inadvertently operating proximity-holograms. Losing himself in the star charts, he failed to see the station operator enter the room, analyse him, and position itself ready for attack. He didn’t stand a chance.

The station sentry, fuelled by the flesh of the genetic clone of Bruce Lee, space-bounded back upstairs to report to its high-command that deadly force had been employed, and requested permission to adjust the position of the defence laser. While awaiting a response, the sentry completed one lap of the dome area, and came back to good news: repositioning authorised. The sentry moved the defence laser such that it faced the direction that the alien invader had appeared from, and resumed duty.

PROMPT: The new emperor of China has just landed a man on the moon.