A doubly anonymous story! It’s a shame because I really like this one. It takes what is, on the face of it, a reasonably light-hearted prompt and turns it into something much darker; a disturbing Them and Us tale with a nod to American Psycho.



AUTHOR: Anonymous

TITLE: Untitled

It has been three hours since you noticed your home locked you in, before you realised the computer system running the entrances and alarms was faulty, before the first thoughts of cannibalism flashed inside your keen-on-adventure type of mind. Your companion, some total stranger of a woman you brought home last night after an extraordinary number of beers, is visibly disturbed by how quickly devouring human flesh to survive came up in conversation. Ironic, considering she is still wearing her zombie paraphernalia from last night’s incredibly lame Halloween party. Why do you even go to these things. You weren’t sure you liked her when you brought her home, you were even more convinced after a mediocre fuck show, and now you are certain. Unless the house unclenches and releases you soon, she’d make a better meal than a companion.

When you try the front door a disembodied voice tells you exactly how much money you owe the Department of Living and Life. You are one of the lucky fuckers. You actually HAVE a house. The Department of Living and Life don’t give them out like sweets after all. You know you’re special. Bred over generations to be disease-resistant, uncomfortably
Intelligent, and sexy as hell, you and the other members of Chosen Set get the homes, the access to fertile women, the exceptional convenience of electricity, the books. The Department of Living and Life sure are massive cocks about collecting their monthly housing honour fee, though.

Maybe the idea of locking you into your own smarthome would work as incentive to pay on someone slightly less genetically particular and systematically inbred. But you are the end result of hundreds of years of targeted social breeding and managed DNA sorting. You aren’t normal. No. No you’re special. In fact, now that you think about it, you’re gently appalled that someone so exquisitely crafted as yourself is expected to pay for a home. You’re entitled.

You look at the disaster of a one night stand beside you, too dim to realise the home’s computer
mind is holding them hostage until it gets paid, too ugly to have been chosen to be a breeder.

You’d be doing your future generation a favour by eating someone as vapid as her. Service to humanity, and all that. You wouldn’t even have to do it straight away. Lock her in the cupboard. She looks too incomplete and dumb to have feelings about it anyway, just make sure there is a vent. You could totally last months alone in the house with her as a food source. And yeah. You will. Yea you’re going to do this thing.

Because Fuck You. You shouldn’t have to pay for housing anyway, you’re one of the specials. Don’t they know who you are?! Principles matter, man. Even brand new ones. Help
Help, you’re being oppressed.

So Yeah draw every curtain, ignore the constant updates, and focus on the prize. Eat that, bitch.

PROMPT: A Smart Home gets infected with Ransomware at Halloween