Due to ripple in the fabric of space-time we have had a case of convergent realities. Subsequently, this story by @dangusset shares the same prompt as Story 39. A nice take on the prompt, which stands on its own merits. It’s short, punchy and really quite fun.

STORY NUMBER: 51 PROMPT PROVIDER: @jonesthescribe AUTHOR: @dangusset TITLE: Untitled
President Clickbait brushed his hand over the alien translation device. “WE HAVE ASSEMBLED ALL OF THE WORLD LEADERS, LOL” appeared on the screen in a representative selection of earth languages as well as one presumably belong to the tall furry alien stood before him. The hirsute alien scanned the room. An angry frown furled on its genderless forehead. It pointed at one of the leaders with one paw whilst placing another on the translation device. “THAT ONE IS KINDA HAIRY, BUT NONE OF YOU ARE LEADERS,” rolled across the screen.

The youngest world leader present suddenly jumped and covered his ears. No one else in the room could hear the high piercing noise that had just driven an ultrasound javelin between his ears. A scratching noise came from outside the oval office’s door.


The presidential aide walked towards the door, quietly muttering, “Its turquoise,” to himself as he opened it, followed by, “Bloody cat,” as the First Lady’s overweight Maine Coon trotted in and began rubbing himself around the alien’s aft flanks. The alien reached down and stroked it between the ears and the cat jumped up onto the translation device.


The president froze wide eyed for a second. In that second he calculated all of the potential outcomes of the actions he could next take. With a deep breath he held up a hand above his head then lowered two fingers and hooked them into his nose. With a tug the skin split across his upper lip and with the swift manoeuvre of an experienced stripper he pulled the flesh back over his head. With the other hand he grabbed at the lower lip and stripped the lab grown meat down to his skins. The other world leaders behind him all stood and following his lead did the same.

The aide pulled a crucifix from his jacket and dropped to his knees muttering, “I knew it,” and something about payment and Auschwitz. The lizard President Clickbait jabbed a talon aggressively at the translation device, cracking the screen.


The alien grinned as the cat pounced.​

PROMPT: Aliens make contact with Earth but will only negotiate with cats, which they assume to be in charge.