This is not a story that should be taken seriously. Not at all. It’s a mash-up of two quite different things. I would tell you, but I feel that would rather spoil things. Needless to say, it should be readily apparent by the time you reach the end. @dorkomatic has a clear talent for levity and puts it to good use.

AUTHOR: @dorkomatic
TITLE: Untitled

Far out somewhere beyond the Oort cloud, a lagomorph ship is out on a training mission – hoping to impress star-fleet academy.

“We’re approaching the Neutron Zone, Captain” announced the cadet keenly – his floppy ears poking out from under his space-cadet cap.

“The Neutral Zone?” the captain suggested.

“Yeah, that’s what I said sir” the cadet responded.

The sleek orange rocketship zorched through the sparkling void; a green flame powering it on through the darkness. Any resemblance to root vegetables was purely coincidental.

“I’m getting a distress call on the wossname” declared the cadet at the comms desk. “it’s from inside the Neutron zone” she added in a worried tone.

“NEUTRAL zone!” corrected the captain curtly, losing patience a little.

“I’ll put it through…” the comms cadet continued.

The speakers crackled to life: “This is the Kohlrabi Maru, we’ve lost power and life support is failing!  Help us!” pleaded a voice.

“I suppose we’ll have to go in.  Plot a course to the stricken ship Lieutenant.”

“What, into the Neutron Zone?  But what about the treaty?” said the Lieutenant.

“Nyeah, What’s up doc?” anounced the Captain, his ears flopping down casually.

“Okleydokely” replied the officer.

“We’re now in violation of treaty Captain” he added some moments later.

As they approached the designated location the ship’s sensors sniffed around for remains or wreckage, hoping to find survivors.

Suddenly three spudlike vessels materialized around the ship, like dumplings floating to the surface of a stew. Each one bristled with threatening weapony-looking bristles.

A menacing voice hailed them “OWKAY YOU WASCAWWY WABBITS!  THIS TIME I GOTCHA!”

The ship shook violently, as the spudships fired electric death at them from their disruptor-whisks.  The engines shuddered to a halt and even the alarms faltered. Followed by a moment of calm and silence.

“Aw! Shoulda taken a left a planet Abuquerque” sighed the captain as the control console burst into flames.

PROMPT: I knew we should have taken that left turn at Planet Albuquerque